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“WATC members are exceptional to work with and have been incredible B2B partners. Their products deliver on what is promised, and then some. Future partners should benefit greatly from their proven track record of outstanding service, strength of product, and local knowledge and experience.”

Who we are

The World Adventure Travel Collective represents a selection of owner-operated, locally-based tour operators from around the world. Every member of the WATC brings with them a long history of providing expert local guides and unique, sustainably operated trips for a leading adventure travel company that has recently exited the international travel space.

Connecting with the WATC presents an excellent opportunity for B2B partners who are looking to work with like-minded travel suppliers with a demonstrated history of on-the-ground expertise. WATC members deliver quality adventure travel experiences with genuine value, proficiency, safety, and local know-how throughout their diverse range of international travel products that are white-label ready.

What unites us



Outdoor Adventures

Why Work With Us

WATC members are already established as tried-and-true adventure travel suppliers. They have proven abilities in delivering reliable, well-organized, conscientious, and creative adventure travel trips and tours. Together, they have a wealth of collective experience creating, developing, delivering, and leading adventure itineraries for iconic adventure companies around the world.

WATC members are happy to share references and further B2B testimonials upon request.

Collectively, WATC members are known for:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Operations & logistics expertise
  • B2B service know-how
  • Contract management proficiencies
  • Strength of product
  • Outstanding values
  • Pioneering spirit 
  • Reliability 

Travel styles offered:

  • High-end: Itineraries indulging the highest levels of personal service, providing lavish accommodations, and featuring premium-priced activities, food & drink and entertainment. 
  • Boutique: Boutique itineraries feature charming accommodation, a focus on regional cuisine, immersive local experiences and purpose crafted activities for small groups wanting a niche travel experience.
  • Adventure Classic: Itineraries primarily including adventure-based activities, local and knowledgeable guides, specialized experiences, and a range of accommodations from mid-tier hotels to rustic lodges and camping options. 


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